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The bills for Bear Creek SUD customers are never estimated.  Meters are read every month.  The meter readings are rounded down to the 100ths.  Meter readings are never rounded up.



NTMWD has passed on an annual increase every year for 10 years totaling 100.25%.

Bear Creek SUD in the past 10 years has only had 3 rate increases totaling 50%.

 Based on the NTMWD take and pay contract, Bear Creek SUD has paid for 112,000,000 ununsed gallons of water at a cost of over $221,000 since 2012.

Did You Know:

It would take 7,570 - 16.9 oz. bottles of water to equal 1,000 gallons.  At $0.14 a bottle that would cost you over $1,000.00.

At Bear Creek SUD 1,000 gallons of water would cost $6.35.




The Board has currently budgeted $150,000, or $63.61 per connection, to respond to the appeal filed by some of the District's ratepayers.  This expense must be funded from the District's rate...

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